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Originally Posted by ViperTomcat View Post
This is great news for GM!

It is a double edged sword for owners, however. The ever increasing number of Camaros will help keep prices down on parts, mods and such. However it will also put ever increasing numbers of Camaros on the roads, reducing the exclusivity of the car and making them constantly visible.
I agree with ViperTomcat, it slightly happened with the 5th gen Mustang before the Camaro came out. You were on the road and everyone and their grandma s had a mustang and was really taking away the appeal of the car itself which was a shame because I actually liked the look of the mustang back then. Now with the release of the Challenger and strong sales of the Camaro things are balancing themselves out. However if you are looking into exclusivity wise then my money "IMO" would be the 1.)Challenger 2.)Camaro 3.) Mustang. I'm just looking into this in a sales units sold and significance of the car during the time.
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