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Talking For all the Stang lovers, unless you're a chick, then it's cool.

Ehh I like the Stang OK but it's like the guys with verts who think they have a muscle car, not a "sports car", sorry but IMHO verts are "sports cars", a little girlie for me. Sort of how many love the Vette, I like a Vette OK I just think of overweight late mid life crisis bad attorneys / dentists with gaudy gold chains or dumb blond strippers. Sorry if I offended anyone, just kind of how I see those vehicles, just not my style. Convertible Vette you say? Yeah total blond stripper or rich daddy's girl car, definitely a "sports" car, not a muscle car. Same with the Stang, it all applies, the coolest looking Stang I ever saw was a 69 mach1, couldn't beat a Camaro 'cos it was too light in the loafers, ooops I mean to light in the ass. It's a nice car, like apple pie it's very American, just a little girlie and cheesy for a real man, . . IMHO. It's a chick car, a "sports" car, not a mans muscle car. Showing off your mustang is kind of like a round about way for a guy expressing he might be "coming out" soon . . . . I mean I know a couple of cool Bros with Stangs, it's really hard for me to keep a straight face when they're bragging about their really cool wicked "chick sports cars" lol. Yes I own a Ford but not really by choice, I mean it's my wifes SUV and she likes it a lot but I mean it's OK for her to like what she wants, even if it is a Ford, she's a woman. In addition she got it with only 15K miles on it from one of her family members for cheap, so I put up with it, at least it's four wheel drive and NOT a mustang lol! Look if you're young, like to fake tan and dress / act like the Jersey Shore TV show and think Von Dutch is awesome and wanna drive a cool American chick sports car like the Stang, great for you, just expect me to LOL @ YOU if you try bragging about it to me.

DISCLAIMER: post intended for humor and meant to entertain, NO actual Ford Muskanks or AWESOME CHEVY CAMAROS were harmed in the making of this irresponsible (yet funny) post.

Who doesn't love puppies and beer?

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