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Originally Posted by thePill View Post
I personally hope that the Camaro sales are huge over here in Europe, give the foreign car makers a taste of their of medicine.

I am planing a photo shoot with camaro5 member DRB he is here in Kaiserslautern, Germany, he has a black 2010 SS and would be perfect with my '11 GT... Greg Champion will most likely be the camera man, he said he would do the shoot for free because it sounded fun...

I would love to do a Beaches of Normandy shoot, not a head to head, Mustang vs Camaro but America vs Germany.. but you have to be careful with any references to the N-word (the German N-word) It is very, very frowned upon.. and fines would accompany those frowns..

All pictures will be distributed, FREE OF CHARGE, throughout both Ford and GM communities..

That's actually a really cool sounding idea! I hope the shoot comes out well. I honestly have no animosity towards the mustang, I was just trying to be humorous and a little uncouth, making fun of the mustang and Camaro at the same time as Camaro owners are also stereo typed lol. I'm looking forward to the pics, I know the area you live in is truly beautiful.

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