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Interesting posts, you know your marketing. I welcome your comments on this site. I think you have a great car but in so far as looks go, my personal opinion is, the stang just doesn't have the same appeal as the Camaro. By the way, I was stationed at LRMC and picked up an M3 (2008) from Terry at Pentagon. Frankly, the M3 has the fine details down to an art (track stuff, handling, etc.), sort of like a scalpel. But if you want a fun car that's a blunt instrument (ie Bowie Knife) but is loads of fun, the Camaro is the king. The Herms can talk all they want about American muscle, our cars are just plain fun to drive. Their cars don't have the same brute force. By the way, I've driven many Porsche and the M3 has them beat as the best all around car. I'll be going back to LRMC this summer, I'll try to look you up if I can. Seriously though, I think the Mustang is a great car. Enjoy it over there Have fun on A6 with those wanna be's in their Opels. Many regards from an AF colleague (I know what you mean about the Army at Ktown)

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