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@ george, I have another son on the way come the 31st-ish of December. He will be born there in Landstuhl, in fact, the wife is going there tomorrow for an OB appointment. I will be going home (Pittsburgh) in April for 30 days and I should be around all summer long... I got a job to do down south, somewhere in the unpleasant come fall... Look me up, I live in Heltersberg, south of Vogelweh off of 270 (I'm a SSgt/Security Forces). Don't know if your ADAF still or sep/ret but I can help get you around until you get some transportation if I am not posted.

@ ZRock, AF medic? not a fun job... probably alot of stories... In my line of work, I will not talk to vet medics.. It puts the fear in ya... Anyway, no need to thank me man... I got enough stories of my own, the war kinda paid for itself...

I appreciate the post reads, I know they are way too long. Sometimes when you have a really complicated question, it helps to put your info up on a chalk board and step back and look at the big picture... I find forums a good place to do this, it sure beats tacking up news paper clippings and writing figures and estimates on my garage walls like Russell Crowe in the movie "a Beautiful Mind"... The mental health office might bring me a nice white jacket for Christmas... with extra long sleeves that fasten in the back...
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