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Originally Posted by Leeiswho2b View Post
I'm not the "Brand Loyalty" guy. I owned a 2SS/RS M6 until 8/09. I have no problems owning another. I actually have an ad in the for sale forum. The reason a lot of people didn't buy 10's was that Ford was changing over to the new 5.0's in 11'. Just as a lot of 10' Maro owners are going to be trading in for the new Z. Why not wait for the platform change and get a better vehicle?!?!?!?!?!? Common sense goes a long ways!

That and the fact that 2010 was the Maro's first year of production since 02'. So of course there was going to be quite a bit of interest! So, troll on that!
Why post negative comments on a forum when you don't even own a Camaro and this is only your what 3rd post.. I will say it again.. TROLL

PS: You’re going to talk to me about common sense on waiting for the new platform.. Have you even read about the release date on the next gen? It's only about 5 years out. Why would anyone want to wait that long if they are ready to buy now or like the current style. I think that would also apply to the Mustang. I hope Ford updates the current style within the next 5 years as well but I don't think buyers wanting a Mustang or a Camaro now are going to wait to see if it is better 5 years down the road.. Most trade every 3 to 5 years anyway.
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