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Originally Posted by Leeiswho2b View Post
As above, I have owned a 5th gen. Probably before you received yours. I took delivery in July 2009. Not posting negative comments, just pointing out facts. I was talking about the powerplant platform in the Mustang GTs. There was no sense in purchasing a 2010 when Ford was changing over to the TiVCT technology on the new 5.0. That would be a reason that 2010's GT's did not sell as well. I was also pointing out the fact that Maro's hadn't been produced since 02', so of course there was going to be a lot of interest from enthusiasts. I just felt the thread was being slanted, although I do realize this is a Maro forum. Wouldn't expect anything less.

I was also pointing comparisons of the 2010 vs 2011 GT's and the 2010 SS to the Z28 in regards to sales. I'm sure quite a few wished they waited for the Z to come out instead of puchasing the SS. The same point between the 10' Stang and the 11'. I wasn't bashing. Maybe you were being too close-minded to understand!

I am actually thinking about trading my Shelby for a F/I 2SS/RS, but you sir make me rethink these actions. But hey, there's a ton of douchebags driving Mustangs so..........

BTW, if I am such a troll then why feed me?!?!?!? In no way did I bash the Camaro!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! I respect all and fear none!
Funny how you have all these cars listed in your sig you owned but exclude your Camaro. Then your 3rd post is NO way will Camaro out sell the Mustang in 2011 on a Camaro forum. Yet I'm the closed minded one.
PS: You say you’re stating the facts but your post was regarding 2011 sales.. Do you have any stock market tips, if your that good I could use a few
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