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Originally Posted by Memphis SS View Post
Funny how you have all these cars listed in your sig you owned but exclude your Camaro. Then your 3rd post is NO way will Camaro out sell the Mustang in 2011 on a Camaro forum. Yet I'm the closed minded one.
PS: You say you’re stating the facts but your post was regarding 2011 sales.. Do you have any stock market tips, if your that good I could use a few

These are the three most recently owned cars I have had. Pics posted below of them. I purchase, like to make them how I envision them, get bored, then move on. I really need to start leasing!!!!!! Vehicles have always been my toybox!!!! They are my addiction!

I was just explaining the reasons why the point of this thread was true (IMHO). I was not disputing the fact, just the reasoning behind. I was actually trying to be constructive in the latter posts. Just a good ribbing in the 1st!
When is a rivalry not good when all in good fun? I like all muscle. Ford, Chevy, and Dodge included!

Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Let's take it down a notch, gentlemen....
Point taken. I'm in the market for a supercharged 10'+ if anyone is interested in an immaculate Shelby!

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It's all relative in West Virginia!!!

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