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Originally Posted by blazzin1 View Post
COPO's....Yes, done at the factory! (RPO 9561 & 9563)
Yenko's....No, done at Yenko Chevrolet (a dealership upgrade, just like these).
Ahh yes and no. 67 yes but only 50 or so made, 68 yes and no, 69 no Chevy was doing the 427 at the factory and was available via COPO ordering so it saved Yenko time in not having to swap engines. 69 and after were all COPO orders with some upgrades at the dealership. Yenko turned out cars till 81. So the majority were done at the factory. So unless I can order a LS7 LS9 LSA from the factory in my opinion it's not a COPO and Yenko went out of business. COPO allowed you to order a-lacart now everything s grouped in packages sadly. The only benefit of this is if your trying to be unique but at the sacrifice of less warranty & reliability, and more money.
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