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Originally Posted by danrc28 View Post
Ill look into the muffler delete, but if ppl dont like it, how about an axle back as an alternative, just until the turbo is installed of course. I was thinking that the swap from axle back to stock may be a bit easier as long as the stock mufflers are kept. however, like you stated the pipes cant be cut back much farther from the mufflers, sooo im thinking that may be an issue?
I like the muffler delete. Many do. But some people find it a bit raspy, and others complain about it being a mullet-mod.... Look around the site and you'll find its a relatively common mod.

Give the guys at STS a call, and ask them how far 'forward' the system needs to be cut for the turbos. If they can give you that information, just keep your modifications well 'back' of whatever they tell you.
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