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Originally Posted by george View Post
Are there alot of Camaro's over there now? When I was there last year, I didn't see many. In so far as LRMC is concerned, it is a good hospital. I was AF Anesthesia there-only 4-5 of us. That place can get busy though; I would put in 4-6 epidurals a night on top of call and surgeries. Despite all that, it was better than when I was being deployed to some hole. Make sure your wife gets an epidural. It makes life much easier! I look forward to seeing you, I'm not sure when I'll be there but would love to see your car when I get in. Regards.

Sorry for the late response, I have seen a handful, maybe about a dozen but it is late in the year and they might be storing them. I was referred to the Landstuhl Hospital because LRMC is booked full... Landstuhl H is right up the hill from what I call "the big bend"...

Yeah, Wife had an Epidural on the first one.. she was still pushing and didn't know Pill Jr. was out. lol... I have also had an epidural, I had a ruptured L5-S1 and it ruptured into my nerve causing chronic sciatica... No surgery yet....
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