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Originally Posted by mercuryman96 View Post
No it was the plastic door panels. If you remember a few months before the Camaro went into production the company that was making a pile of the interior parts went bankrupt. GM had sue to get the molds back. GM was not happy with some of the early plastic parts. IE: the door panels. So Pumpkin sat in QC hold (Area 51) until the door panels were replaced.

When Pumpkin arrived she came with the battery cable recall, even though she spent 60 days in Area 51. My dealer supplied me with the parts and instructions to do recall, cause they could not do recall cause of the headers. So when I removed the header I found that the recall fix had already been done.

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLer's are good with me.

Yeah the good 'ol Area 51 days. The SST spent 83 days in Area 51.
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