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Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
But someone has got to step up to the plate, you can't keep falling back on " I just work here" and to keep blaming the Rednecks in Alabama, well I guess they moved to Ohio now and have a vendetta out for Savini wheels. Attention BOLO for Savini wheels, tear'em up when you get a chance.

How are forged wheels so easily damaged. I don't get that once.

NO the real real truth is SAVINI is hurting in the market place, they sell high end wheels and with the economy in the condition it is not alot of people are buying 1100.00 wheels.

My guess is they won't be around long at this rate.
I can't argue one bit. I make no excuses for Savini in the least. Just hate Nick has to deal with them. Don't get me wrong. Though I don't have a problem with Nick, I am done with anything that is Savini.

Oh, and I wasn't just being funny with that thing. I already have hosting. For 12.00 it will be worth it.

Savini wheels are nice to look at and all, but they just aren't made for practical use.

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Well that sucks DE, PQ and Dr. Jekl...

I know it is probably of no help because wheel choice is based so much on personal taste, but I have run Forgeline wheels (of which Tony is a dealer) and have had absolutely NO problems with them - very round, very powdercoated and very well made. When you have a company that makes wheels for RACE CARS they are held to pretty high standards.
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