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BlaSSt Off, these guys are taking the original design and improving upon it to make a product normal people want to buy. If you're all gung ho about filling in holes and drilling new ones then good for you. Most people don't want to bondo and drill into their $35k car. Most people are beginners. You say that like it's a bad thing. Like Entaille said, after the initial cost of the spoiler and then the cost to get it painted properly, the total cost of the project is pretty steep. If you're adding in the cost of getting the holes filled professionally and possibly even painted, then you're probably in the neighborhood of the project costing $1k. Most people aren't into paying that much for a spoiler. But, if you can get a painted spoiler for under $500 then I think there's a substantial market for that.

Camchris posted this thread because he wants to know what changes can be made to the original design to make it more sellable to Camaro owners. It doesn't take much to move the mounting points of the spoiler so they align with the factory mounting holes. They're making their own from scratch so they can pretty much do whatever they want. Enough people expressed their dislike of the mounting issue in the original Firebreather spoiler thread to make this a very real issue to consumers. I also suggested a bit of the dovetail look added to give it a little extra of an aggressive look. Otherwise, to me, it kinda just looks like a flat wing. Not everybody will share this opinion and that's fine. Maybe everybody would think it's even more amazing that way. I was just throwing it out there.

Let's see what these guys can come up with.
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