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soo, im thinking...

A. I go with the SOLO performance cat back, with free install ($700), and then get it removed and sell it before I get my STS. Only issue, is that im not sure how much it will cost me in labor to switch back to the stock exhaust system, and im not sure how much $$ I can get for a used catback (although probably more than an axleback), not to mention it will be alot more $$$ to ship that much more metal, and thus alot of ppl in the US may not want to buy all the way up in Canada.

B. I can get an axle-back (thinking gibson or flowmaster american thunder), I saw the Gibson for $435... w/ shipping to Canada, probably be about $500 if not more, then I have to pay to get it installed. Im thinking it may come pretty close to the $700 im paying for the SOLO catback with the free install. Only Pro here is that removal will probably be much cheaper, and although it probably wont sell for as much as a used catback, the shipping from Canada will be alot cheaper therefore easier to sell.

I planned to purchase the turbo within the next 1-2 years, soo by then there may be options in terms of non-remote mounted turbos?? If thats the case then the cats would have been the best option...but if things dont look much better for us v6 guys within that time and I have no choice but to get the remote mount turbo and put my stock exhaust back, whats the best option in your opinion???
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