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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
lmao. So I go back to catch up on Pumpkin and see this......... lmao

I'll have my 3.6 pulley AND beer.

I may even let GTAHVIT off the hook from our bet.

BUUUUUUT, about those DRs ................

I'll buy YOUR beer sir if you can make that happen. lol
What I was thinking, was I will throw them in the race car hauler when we go to Veags next year at the start of the season. Then I can get one of my Bud's to ship them to Firebird and back to his place after. Then they can come back home in the hauler on one of the trips back to the Great White North. It might work. Got to look at next years scheldue.

Need some help from GTAHVIT as where I can ship them too and who can recieve at Firebird.

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