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Originally Posted by fierocamaro View Post
302 Wild Mouse is right, I think Chevy should let us custom order ours so we can have it hwever we want it, not just whatever is on the lot
Last I checked, you can custom order a vehicle from any dealer. I have never been stuck buying just what is on the lot.

In terms of making a solid rear axle an option, I can't believe so many people are already complaining about the IRS when absolutely no one has had a chance to see how it feels. The GTO is hardly an example as the Camaro is being build on a chassis that has never been used.

Not to mention, do you know how much money it would cost GM to redesign this car to work on a solid rear axle? The engineering costs, the tooling costs, and the lost production line capacity. The only people who would buy a solid rear axle anyway are hardcore enthusiests who actually intend to race their car. I hate to tell you but that is a very very small number of people that would have to absorb all of those added costs, or they would have to jack up the price of the IRS Camaros to recoup that money and that is just stupid if they are trying to minimize costs and compete. The solid rear axle as an option is just not a feasible option, it has to be one or the other, and don't be so quick to judge the capabilities of the IRS until someone has had a chance to drive on it!
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