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Originally Posted by Rogue Leader View Post
Based on past experience that is highly doubtful. Any time they have used a car thats not a corvette or other V8 powered car, they usually juice it up quite a bit. As well pace cars are almost always the top model available.
Well there hasn't ever been a 300 HP V6 before in an American car to do the Pace car duties... There hasn't been any"Juicing" of the Nascar pace cars in a very long time, they are not Indy cars and the pace speeds are never over 70.... they have even used pickup trucks in the past...and for several years before the V8 Monte SS and Impalas they have used the stock V6 models... nothing really special about the equipment on these pace cars.
If I can do 85 at Bristol in my 170HP Sky I think a 300HP V6 Camaro can handle the Pace car duties at Daytona very well....

Originally Posted by The Great KJ View Post
Usually Indy Pace cars, Not the Daytona Pace cars...
I can see them using the V6 for Daytona and Using an SS for Indy....

Originally Posted by mitchell87 View Post
Sorry this is a little of topic but i just need a yes or no answer so it is not worth starting a new thread. Im not a huge nascar buff but was wondering if they are going to use the camaro body for the chevy cars since they no longer make monte carlos?
no, the Impala in Cup and Monte Carlo still in Nationwide... I think they are looking into going to the Camaro for the Nationwide cars, but I haven't heard anything lately about it...
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