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Originally Posted by mitchell87 View Post
Sorry this is a little of topic but i just need a yes or no answer so it is not worth starting a new thread. Im not a huge nascar buff but was wondering if they are going to use the camaro body for the chevy cars since they no longer make monte carlos?
GM is using the Impala. The lower series (Nationwide Series), was proposed to use the Challenger, maybe the Camaro and Mustang, but toyota cried and whined 'cus those losers don't have a ponycar to run in said series. Sooooo, Brian France kissed toyota's azz once again and canned the idea, much to the dismay of the domestic automakers and old-school nascar fans alike. Since I was once a nascar fan for over 20 years, I can safely say Brian France and his toyota-loving contingent have screwed up the entire race series, but at least an AMERICAN make is pacing the Daytona 500. Surprised toyota didn't whine about that too. toyota sucks.
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