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That's a substantial amount of material you are removing, should make a BIG difference in airflow.

Surprised more people haven't done this.
Originally Posted by CAMROSS View Post
By comparing the shape of the ports on the LPE head to that of the ports on the ported lower intake of the TVS2300 its quite apparent that air flow between the two parts will be considerably less restricted and should reduce pressure off the back end of the supercharger. In my opinion this should allow the same volume of air to pass through to the valves with less boost.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that a non ported system running 8 lbs. of boost will produces less air out the back of the supercharger than a ported system running 8 lbs. of boost. This makes the boost number a relative term and the actual amount of air in "cfm" the important number for tuners to determine the proper AFR.
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