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I'm not really worried about the halos. If I had a choice I would go with projectors and no halos. In a strange way I do like the little halo flashtech has on the projectors. The big outer halo I wouldn't do. I run h13 hids now. I was able to lower the beam and get a lot better cut off. I don't get anybody flashing hi beams at me lol. With dropping the beam I am also able to keep my hid fogs one without blinding people .
I have read a lot of info in the past on TRS. I found info on them when I was looking at projector fogs (still didn't find what I want :( ). Buying a set of headlight housings kind of pushes my towards eagle eyes for the price. I already have hid setup. I would just have to swap bulbs. I'm going to have to start comparing setups and prices. A place a do computer work for just gave me a $500 gift for getting all their info off 2 dead hard drives. So trying to figure out what I want to spend it on haha. Thanks for all the info.
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