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Originally Posted by caverman View Post
Agreed....I didn't want to open my lights either which is why I had TRS do mine.

I spent $315 on parts, labor, and shipping. I spent about $150 on a set of OEM lights....which I could technically offset that by selling my OEM lights. For now I'm going to keep my OEM lights though.

I already have an HID setup as well so I was able to resuse some things and save a little money.
$315 isn't bad at all. No Halos correct? I'm sure you can get the $150 back if you sell them. What size HID bulb did you go with? Thanks for all the pics and info.
I'll give Flashtech a few days to get back to me. If they don't it will help me make up my mind about theirs lol.
Now we have to get you some hids in them fogs haha.
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