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Non of my info comes from GM employees or GM vendors. But more a common sense, Doing my woke to see what is going on and why, It dos not make any sense to release a new motor in the camaro, AKA gen V motor, and the LS9 will bring the cast to $60k+ on the car so if we all angry that its a supercharged V-8 then what is left to not be a fact.

Next there is timing we all know that a car has a life span for the Wow affect, so 2 years after the release of the gen5 camaro its time for the convertible to come out and now it will be about 1 tear till the Z28 comes out and that will keep the line fresh in the mind of ppl and then there will be some thing new after that like a new ........ and so on.

That is how all car company's work and all manufacturing company's work.
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