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Thank you for posting the pics,we realy enjoyed the ride
Originally Posted by phenixdragon View Post
Who owns the yellow one if the first few pics? I'd like to find out more on the front bumper and also the LEDs.

*Edit* Read through more on this post and found my answer. Can I seem some pics with the LEDs on at night?
Thats my car ,i will try to get some night shots.

Are there performance shops over there that do the motorwork on your Camaros? Or have you bought the cars with the super-chargers, etc, and then had them shipped to you? Just curious what the tuning shops are like over there......and I dont want to even think about how much shipping the parts costs
There are some performane shops that you can buy parts from & tune or get your parts direct from the U.S which can be costly

Originally Posted by Taz_FL View Post
great pictures, thanks for sharing those, your club has some beautiful camaros in it, course they are all beautiful in reality

do you know what rims those are on the yellow camaro, the rims that are yellow / black.
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