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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Thats because you don't see any true blue vehicles anymore. The car companies always offer a dark blue...that ends up looking black or purple..or some kind of weenie light blue that just looks sissy colored.

Put stryker blue (from the Pontiac G8) on the Camaro and it would be Amazing. Until then, I'm oh so happy to have my ABM.

Can't wait to see more 2012 details.
Funny you would say that - I bought my 99 Firebird used and the dealer had it listed as "purple" (it was Navy Blue Metallic.) Dark blue is one of favorite car colors, but ABM blows them away - I LOVE it! I agree about the lighter hues and I cringe every time I see a "grabber blue" Mustang (I call it Gagger Blue).
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