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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
I am not lovin those wheels......not feelin it......I keep trying, but it's not growing on me. We could use some new looks GM, the only wheels I have found attractive so far are the optional chrome or standard painted 5 spokes. I think the optional factory wheels are hideous. Maybe some variation on the GM 1970-74 SS five spokes please?

My guess is that if they offer these wheels, they will be optional. As much as I, and many others, love the black concave SSX wheels and hope they're available with the Z/28, not everyone (like yourself) likes this style of wheel.

I'm guessing they'll have a more traditional painted wheel standard to appeal to the most people possible. Although those wishing for factory chrome wheels on the Z/28 are sure to be disappointed as that boat has sailed a while ago.
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