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Originally Posted by Rallysport View Post
Just your big gubment mandating more BS to be installed on your new car. You get to pay for it whether you want it or not. Aholes.
Actually, I don't think the 'gubment' gives a flying **** about what color GM paints their cars as long as the money keeps coming in. So, for now, I'm going to say your comment is misinformed.

Originally Posted by mcarney View Post
I thought the first rule in drivers ED was to walk around your car and make sure kids aren't laying behind you.
Yes, and rule #2 is to look in the direction you are traveling. So many people driving in reverse, and looking forward. Swivel that head! No wonder insurance is so expensive these days. I really hope backup cams don't become standard equipment. It's not necessary for us conscientious drivers.
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