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Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
I can't recall them EVER requiring leather seats on a Camaro model- except maybe the 35th Anniversary SS. Is that correct?
I haven't got a clue. I know my father's '79 Z28 is 'leather', and I'm fairly sure it was standard for that trim-level.

Originally Posted by ArcAngel View Post
yes i know lol but it's the mindset that hasn't changed which is part of the old situation! lol
Don't make the mistake of grouping everything into one pile and throwing it out, so to speak. The way they choose the optioning for ALL their vehicles is a technique, not a mindset. They have the NEW-GM goal, which I think you can agree with, of reducing costs while maintaining a class-leading vehicle. Part of doing this means frivolous, non-profitable options take the hit.

That's why there's a site like this. Do you want C&C to be offered? Then make your opinion known. They'll read it. (remember the colors?)

...just don't troll your idea.
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