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Originally Posted by ArcAngel View Post
hey trm0002 to clarify my above statement i wasn't talking about msrp. I was talking about actual cost to GM
I'm spitting in the wind here but I would have to guess that there isn't a whole hell of a lot of profit in the cost to begin with. At $655, with dealer cost (invoice) being $543, I can't believe there is any more than a 20% gross profit margin on any additional option. In that case, GM's cost is still $434.00 to put it in, best scenario, IMO.

I still contend that it shouldn't be included for 31K "like all other cars in that price range" because you're not comparing apples to apples for the rest of the car to car comparison. It is pretty apparent however, to me anyways, that GM screwed up by not making it an option on the 1SS- especially having made it one on the 1LT. But, as Dragoneye and gtahvit have stated, there has to be some logical reason for the decision; I have yet to figure out what that is though...
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