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Originally Posted by benzz28 View Post
Is there a way to track shipping from plant to dealer? My 2SS/RS is TPW 1/10/2011.
you can have your dealer call the GM Dealer Business Center and ask for the rail car #. Here is some info you will need.

CSX is everything east of the mississippi
Up is everything west of the mississippi

But they all start out on CSX so once they have it in there system they will follow it all the way.

How do I track my car on a railcar?

First and most important. Never talk to live personnel at the railroad! Only use automated phone system. If it attempts to transfer you to a live person please hang up. The railcar information we are provided by GM is given as a courtesy and if we call live personnel we will lose our data and ability to track
1. Call the CSX 1-800-235-2352 1-800-235-2352
2. When prompted for location or weight, press "1" on your phone for location.
3. When prompted for the car initials, say ETTX (whatever initials you have) then wait for the next prompt. OR key in 32-81-81-92 (for ETTX)(letter and position on your phone)
4. When prompted for the car number, say 907048 or key in whatever your car number is
5. When prompted for next car say DONE.
6. That's it; enjoy your updated status report.

Union Pacific
1. Call UP at 1 800 877-5123 1 800 877-5123
2. Follow phone prompts for Trace
3. Say the railcar number complete and clearly. Example ETTX123456 all together
4. Listen for your update

These automated systems can be frustrating. Keep in mind they are intended for use by folks that use them daily all day long. Like I said if you are being transferred to a live person please hang up and try again.
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