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Sales technique: Tell them you need to buy a DVD to enter to win a Bumblebee. Put URL in DVD. URL gets leaked all over the internet. But a lot of people bought the DVD first.

TAG! Don't get so upset!
This is one of those things, that just isn't worth looking into..."Keep the Faith"? We haven't forgotten this, have we? There's no way the base Camaro will be 40k. None.

All I can discern from this, is that the 3 Bumblebees will be externally altered only. They won't have unique engines or anything...

I don't particularly care for the yellow, anyways - but don't have a heart attack because of what was written there. It could've been a typo. it could've been a projected price for the base "Top Dog"...who knows
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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