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In March 2010 I ordered my new Camaro 2SS/RS A6. I picked up the car from my dealership on June 16, 2010.



Prior to picking up the car I had been in contact with Steve at Davenport Motorsports in Calgary Alberta, Canada and inquired about having headers, CAI and a custom tune done on the car when it arrived. Steve asked several questions of me and how I was planning to drive the car. He then explained several options and prices to me and I went ahead and made an appointment to have the work done.

I took the car to Davenport on July 5th 2010 and was introduced to Steve, he took me for a tour of the shop and introduced me to Namala, Shannon and Bryan. Again we had a discussion as to my expectations for the car before the work proceeded. They did a baseline dyno run and recorded stock RWHP and torque at 317.66 RWHP and 333.72 ft/lb. torque. After installing the headers, CAI and a custom tune the dyno results were 357.58 RWHP and 361.98 ft/lbs. of torque. The car had 600 miles on it at the time.


After returning home I took the car to the track just to see what it would do in the ľ mile. I had never been to a track before, and I never missed another track weekend for the rest of the season. Despite wheel hopping, no traction and a very poor driver, the car ran consistently in the low to mid 13ís all season depending on weather. Needless to say I was in need of more horsepower, suspension, tires and numerous upgrades to keep it all together. Once again I contacted Davenport and from August until the end of November 2010 Steve, Namala and I tossed around many, many ideas and came up with a plan for the car to suit my needs with consideration given to my budget. We essentially set up a 2 stage project plan to put together the car that I want over the course of this winter and next.

I was also fortunate to receive GM Litho #176 signed by Mike Judge and Team Camaro from the Oshawa Ontario build plant.

In mid-October the car went to Outlaw Collision in Medicine Hat, Alberta for painting. The GFX, sunroof, striping and sharks fin were removed, the car was prepped and I had the trunk, roof, hood and GFX painted and reassembled. Two red pin stripes were added to complete the process. The car was then taken to Calgary and put into storage at Davenport Motorsports storage facility.


I researched everything from the parts and prices to proper installation and shop rates and have found Davenport to be very competitive with any of the other high end performance shops out there. My experience in working with them has been very good, they are honest and upfront when it comes to recommending upgrades and donít hesitate to recommend not doing something if they donít feel itís a benefit even though that takes money out of their pocket. They are all professionals from the showroom counter right on through the shop. Like any trustworthy performance shop (Jannetty, LPE, SC2150, to mention but a few) the cost to do serious modifications is not cheap but you can expect, and receive, a superior product when completed. If youíre in Western Canada or the North Western U.S. these guys should be considered if and when you modify. I consider myself to be a friend of the company and definitely get treated as such. But I digressÖÖ

The guys at Davenport took my car into the shop on December 15th 2010 and began on the first stage of our 2 winter project. Iíve asked Namala from Davenport to take over from here and put up the pictures and details of the work being done this winter. Road tuning and final adjustments of course will have to wait until spring.

Hope you enjoy the thread. Please feel free to ask any questions about the build.

Best Regards: Bryan ( camroSS )

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