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Originally Posted by LowRider View Post
idk but whatever GM brrings out. Be ready for it because it will be a bad ass car.
I agree, I truely believe that GM is going to pull out all of the stops on this car. I think that given the direction of the American auto manufacturers and all of their recent troubles that this car is going to be more than just a car. It is going to be a statement about the status of GM, their dedication to innovation and quality, and an overall symbol of their health as an organization. I think that in this era of motor-city, GM can not afford anything less - especially since they are coming to the party 3-4 years later than Ford's Mustang.

I would be willing to bet big money that when this thing is unveiled at the '08 NAIAS we will all be shocked and amazed at what GM has come up with.

EDIT: I just wish that I could have it in my driveway yesterday!

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