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Talking BUMBLEBEE / Transformers 2

Sup' guys

While waiting to see a pic of the Camaro in CGM ... (never know if you dont remember it to them they might forget )

Ok more seriously, I was checking the trailer from the next Terminator movie, and following a series of links left and right I ended up on these humble links to youtube and more with several shot of the next iteration of Bumblebee. Weird front bumber , long stripes (please stop teasing us if you release only short stripes) and wheels as per the D. Earnhardt Jr Sema 'maro . Still look like a fake proto version though : fake discs / no brake calipers (?) .... tiny side markers etc... and what's that intake in the hood ?

Just thought it would kind of punctuate while waiting for the next CGM pic

cough *CGM* cough

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