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That's it. I'm laying the smack down NOW..... GTAHVIT, you're going DOWN!!!

Ok, Chris was just asking for it.

So it's a smackdown.

C5FII is the time either I put GTAHVIT in his place, or he consoles me crying in my beer.

Almost every day I either HEAR him or READ it on Yahoo IM

"My car is FAST"

Usually followed up with "But your's is pretty".

So IT'S ON. Me and GTAHVIT in a grudge race down the 1320.

But is it as simple as that? Are we just racing in a nanner nanner run?

Some rules have been laid down already. GTAHVIT says race them how you drove them there. Fine. That's acceptable. (even though I had a set of DRs possibly waiting there for me) I conceded that one. EDIT: Rules thrown out so poopyhead could buy coilovers.

So any ideas on how to make this even more interesting. post them here. Any bets on the winner, post em' up.

The bet? So far Speedster has a good idea. Window stickers of the winners choosing to be applied on the losers car for a month.

Either way, we're throwing down in April. We'll see who gets to start each day out with "My car is fast"

Don't forget about the whole L99/LS3, M6/A6 thing.
L99ers, I got this. I'ma show those manly men why they feel the need to overcompensate with a stick in their hand.

UPDATE: TEAM L99 WINS..........

Another C5Fest has come and gone, and this race was put in the books.

Pre-Race and Post-Race Pics.
This is what Camaro5Fest is all about !!

1. Randy Suiting Up
2. Chris Suiting Up
3. GTAHVIT PQ Ready to Race
4. Chris Talkin' Smack
5. Grudge Match Support Crew
6. Bonnie and Becky Victory Dance
7. Post Race Return Road
8. Post Race Laughs
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