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Dude, I love my car !!!!
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My wife and I had to go to check it out today as well. This is the first Camaro that we have seen in person since the bumblebee concept.

Initial response -- WOW -- just fricken WOW. Great job with this car GM. The first thing we noticed was the very large crowd around the Camaro. Then, we slobbered over it for an hour or so.

We took a stroll around and looked at every other car in the show. The Challenger had a few people checking it out and sitting in it. As NSCRFN3 said, you could hear the crickets chirping in the Mustang area. There were a few cool concepts, but in the end, my Wife and I both agreed that the Camaro was the best looking car at the entire show -- hands down. I mentioned that to a few others and they agreed.

The Camaro was parked right next to a bunch of Corvettes, including the CGM ZR-1. It was a little bitter-sweet watching the crowds form around the Camaro while the iconic Corvettes were being overlooked like they were an Aveo. The funny thing is that I understand why. The Camaro is just awesome and it looks like a 100% purebred American beast.
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