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Post My Dearest Mina (IBM 2SS/RS)

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Dad's Camaro
Coming home
Chaperoning Prom: Post #81
Winning Becky D's Guess last model year number of 2012 ZL1! Post #97

Current mods: $3616.25 Spent (Although that's really not that bad...)
White vinyl bowties (Hobby Lobby $1.25! lol) Post #13
Whiteout rear panel-$26 Post #22
Window tint-Mr. Cool (Orange Park, FL)-$120
Summit White Heritage Grill-$359 Gary's Custom-Thanks Gary! Post #28
Summit White painted bowtie (might as well make 'em match since my white vinyl on the front is messed up)-$58-Gary's Custom-Thanks Gary!Post #28
Painted Engine Cover Post # 31
Custom XM Antenna-$130 shipped-overhaulengines-Thanks Lupe! Post # 51
Zaino Total Show Car Protection & Z Bucket w/ Grit Guard-$129 Post #68, Results: Post # 72
Adam's PC Basic Kit-$223 Delivered: Post # 102
Results: Post #104
AAC ghosted IBM sidemarkers-$250 (thanks Aubrey!) Post #106
Red Calipers with white Brembo stickers: G2 Kit-$35 + Stickers-$16-In Progress

Custom painted interior trim-Supply cost-$60 Dash: Post #110, Post #117 Doors: In progress

Muffler delete-$200 Post #16, Post #17
Vararam-$295 from another forum member Thanks Dan! Post #34
Diablosport Pred-$135 from another forum member! Thanks zr1gary!
SLP 160* Thermostat-$29-Thanks Ivan @ Southwest Speed!
Doug Thorley 1 7/8" Tri-Y Headers with cat-less pipes-$639-Thanks Ivan at Southwest Speed! Delivered: Post #73 Installed: Post #87
RX IBM Catch Can and Summit White Breather - $178-Thanks Ivan at Southwest Speed! Post # 91
RX Ported Throttle Body painted Summit White- $415-$200 for core charge-$215 after! -Thanks Ivan at Southwest Speed! Post # 91

Planned mods:
ECS Supercharger?

Mods that didn't make the cut:
White gill stripes Post #22
White Plasti-dip side stripes Post # 49

Here's a little about Mina and I leading up to when I got her in February of harm done if you just skip around and check out my other posts

While I haven't posted in our forums everyday, I have been a very dedicated fan of our true love the Camaro, and of course It's my homepage on every computer (home AND work lol).
My Dad had a '68 SS he used to drag race back when Jacksonville had lanes and while I was too young to remember the car, all I ever heard from older cousins was that it was a monster. My Dad taught me to be a Chevy guy through and through and although I couldn't afford to get his old car back, I told myself I one one day. Here's the only picture left of it in our driveway
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Then, the Camaro debuted my last year in college--the timing seemed perfect--and I was positive that I could convince my parents to wait on a graduation gift and help me with a down payment instead...contingent of course on finding a job after school. But hey! I was 21, it wouldn't be impossible to find a job as an English major, right? right?

Before I even got my diploma I was job hunting, newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies...I looked and looked and looked...but all I managed to find was an unpaid internship with an advertising company here in Jacksonville, Florida. So the Camaro went on the backburner, and I continued to drool over our member's Camaros instead.
Then I got a call from my friend. He asked if I ever thought about teaching, and started to list off the benefits...
After three months of working unpaid, I was hired full-time at an inner city high school (yikes! but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right?) and realized that this was indeed my calling.

So, I saved my money, put away a nice hunk to make my own down payment, and waited for the start of the next school year.

But my family had some problems. My Dad had a stroke in August of 2010, a week after his 56th birthday, and our family business was getting less and less business.

It was tough for awhile but this past Christmas I ran into one of my cousins at Garber Chevrolet (Green Cove Springs, FL) and started talking to him about my dream car. He was impressed that I knew all the codes, could tell him the performance numbers off the top of my head, and had the latest prices memorized for the 2011 coupe. (Thanks to you guys of course ) He promised me the GM College Discount and showed me how I could afford the car on my teacher salary! (If you recently graduated or if you're still in college check it out!)

So I ordered the car on January 2nd, 2011 and it entered the 2000 status on 1/07/2011. I was beyond excited and prayed my Cobalt would hold together until I got it!
Mina (Got hooked on the name thanks to Dracula) is an Imperial Blue Metallic 2SS/RS Camaro, L99.
I think it's safe to say she is the envy of the schoolyard

Ok, so my car is now sitting at 3000 and my Camaro fever has hit an all-time high! It's one thing to look through the scores of beautiful Camaros on here (1st and 5th gen being my favorite), but man it stings when you know it'll be yours within the next 30-40 days! And yes I know that's still awhile but compared to the "Never" timeline I was running on before, it feels like it's tomorrow

So, I suck at photoshop and wasn't quite sure my vision would translate over if I had someone else do it--so I got out my old colored pencils and made my own rendering!
And before you nit-pick, I just wanted to get a general idea for what the custom interior trim pieces would look like in my car so I didn't try to do the full detail. Same goes for the grill and rear bumper.

Bluestreak pointed out TCFS (The Carbon Fiber Specialists) to me after I told him his interior was amazing, and browsing through their stuff I found a two-tone door panel that they would paint any color.
From the start I wanted to do IBM with white Transformers stripes (go past the mail slot and over the rear bumper)...I love the contrast between the two colors. As of right now, I don't know if I will (I saw a member on here with it but I can't find your picture again! So if you have it and can show me it'd be a great help!) BUT I do want to carry those two colors inside the car.
So, my plan is do the dash piece in summit white, have that wrap around to the door panel in the same skinny trim, and then have the rest of the door panel in Imperial Blue. And to make it a lil more exciting I came up with the idea of having the bowtie on the dash trim in IBM with pinstripes reaching across (but not touching the end) in both directions. On the white part of the door panel, I'm going to put the SS emblem in IBM. Just in case a passenger forgets
My other for sure mod will be whiting out the bowties and the SS emblems. I did it in black on my Cobalt so it won't be too tough, plus you can't beat a decal that only costs a $1.50!

I want to do the Heritage grill in Summit White. Not the whole thing, just the part that's usually painted (aka not the grill part).
And I also want to white out the rear panel like I've seen people black it out.

Car sits at 3300 as of 1/15 and her TPW is 1/24! (Thanks to Becky at Rodgers Chevrolet for finding out ) I keep sketching my dream car, but if someone proficient in Photoshop happens to read this I'd love a rendering done!
IBM SS with White Bumblebee stripes (go past mail slot and wrap around the spoiler), a Summit white heritage grill, white bowties, and a whited out rear panel.
And I'd love to hear what people think of my interior dash and door panel design! Open to any and all suggestions

Mina is quite the beast I'd love to make her more so, but until I get a different daily driver, she's hit her performance limit for now. Unless I get an amazing deal on twin turbos...then who knows what I might do

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