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I think we'll see it in the 580-600hp range. Some people make some good points about comparing it to the CTS-V but they over look a lot of things as well. Like even if the Camaro has the same horsepower as the CTS-V its going to be a lighter car because the CTS-V is a luxury car and the Camaro is a performance car. You've got to remember that people going to buy the CTS-V (like the Corvette) are a different breed of buyers looking for a different kind of machine, they want performance and world-class luxury, Camaro buyers want a balls-out American performance legend, hell most of the reason they'll buy it is for the namesake alone. I never bought into the "higher performance in a lower car will kill the prices of lower performance in a higher car" idea. Plus GM knows that the Z28 is going to pull people to the showroom floor a LOT more than the CTS-V will, whether the buyer goes home with a Z28 or a Malibu that car will bring the customer in and GM isnt going to neglect it for some stupid sibling rivalry like that.

And all that being said i do believe it will be the LSA in the Camaro, because GM and everyone else has all but come flat out and said it, just stating what engine it is wont give everything away to the competition. Plus at this point everyone is so hyped about the LSA that GM feels it would be letting the car's fanbase down if it did anything other than the LSA. I personally am disappointed in this cause id much rather see an N/A Z28, id rather see the LS7 or a factory version of the LSX454 in it, im more of a fan of camshaft thump than supercharger whine, plus a headline like "N/A Z28 Beats Out Supercharged Shelby" would be more than satisfying to me haha. But alas, im not making the car and my oppinion doesnt really matter, even though there's equal N/A motors and better supercharged motors its still 98% sure going to be the LSA.
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