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Originally Posted by thePill View Post
Bench marking the Z28 on the current (or in this case both 2011 and 2012) GT500 will set the Z28s mark at or very close to the advertised 556hp. The '12 GT500 will be on dealer lots in a few weeks and upgrades, other then a few cosmetic options are available over last year. If the Z28 starts production in the fall, the GT500 will be an old product and the Z28 will have been bench marked to an 8 month old unit.

Doing so, any victory could come as only a whisper in most eyes as did the '11 GTs victory over the '10 SS. I'm almost positive GM knows Ford intended to twin turbo the 5.0. It was even made quite public that the "Road Runner" was in the works, but Fords methods of product deception is just as comical, if not more than GMs.

Ford went public with the TT 5.0 in October 2009 and in December '09 stated that "There will be no TT 5.0 for the GT500" and "There simply isn't enough room under the hood for TTs"... As I said before, Ford wasn't lying... the truth changed... There will not be a GT500 in production to receive the TT 5.0 and the TTs used on the 5.0 does not fit under the hood, it fits in the two identical notches on each side of the transmission Ford developed the GT with for some reason... Some people thought it was just clear space to service the transmission easier.

Its an ideal placement of a Twin Turbo kit, it lowers the extra weight center and moves that weight mid vehicle. It also places the twin turbos directly in line with the dual exhaust. TT also produces power at a higher RPM allowing the Cobra to launch from a dig without blowing the tires off of 285s. A S/C creates a broad low end torque curve and puts power to the ground immediately where a TT spools slowly... It will launch like a GT but pull like a GT500. Up high though, a S/C is garbage and after a few laps, it becomes a disadvantage rather than a modifier. Europeans use turbos in road racing with great results.

All that I am saying is, if you plan on building a Superbowl team or training a prize fighter, do not move your Z28 chess piece according to the GT500s build and game plan last year...

I think most muscle car guys preffer a broad torque range over high spooling turbos. Its all in the launch, if it doesnt snap your neck off the line and make all kinds of evil noises doing so then i dont want to buy it. And evil noises dont consist of wind-tunnel testing LOL. I dont really care about the top-end of my car because 99.9% of the time its not gonna be on a track, its gonna be launching from a stop light, and by the time i hit 80mph i'll be at another stop light, so i want to be able to smash that GT from light to light, not match it.
Besides isnt there already a TT Taurus? Does it use the same transmission? That might be why it was designed like that, just for the Taurus with no intention of using TT in a Mustang.
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