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Originally Posted by mr02Z/28 View Post
I will guess the 2012 Z/28 will be 500-525hp(just a thought)..And if the 2012 Z/28 is going to be over 575hp I am going to cringe at what GM/Chevy will be asking price wise for this ride..I am going out on a limb and say it will be priced around the 2011 CTS-V.. I can bet GM knows that the 2012 Z/28 will be in demand, so I'm sure prices will reflect it..I just hate to see a Camaro going to be priced out of range of most folks,boo-hoo...
1. The Z/28s benchmark is the GT500, so it is going to need more than 550 hp to get the same numbers the GT500 does due to the Camaros weight disadvantage.

2. There is no way that the Z/28 will be priced the same as a CTS-V. You are not just paying for the engine in a V, you are also paying for a luxury car with luxury amenities.

I say the Camaro will have around 575 hp and will have a starting price of $52,995.

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