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Originally Posted by Hylton View Post
Doesn't Cleveland have very high unemployment right now and is one of the largest sub-prime mortgage areas in the country? BTW - What's a Cleveland steamer?
That is very true...... for the city of Cleveland proper. The story is completely different for suburbs of Cleveland (which is where I live). For years, the city of Cleveland has had derelicts for mayor and city hall, and anyone with even the most minimal of means has moved out of the city and into the burbs, leaving no tax revenue for the city to collect on. Property values have sunk, crime is up (but if you listen to Cleveland's mayor its down), and nothing gets done at city hall. I love Cleveland, I work in the city, I was born and raised there, but I am so glad and thankfull I do have a good job and don't have to live in the city today.

And I have never heard of a Cleveland steamer..... where did you hear that from?
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