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Originally Posted by Vega View Post
I think most muscle car guys preffer a broad torque range over high spooling turbos. Its all in the launch, if it doesnt snap your neck off the line and make all kinds of evil noises doing so then i dont want to buy it. And evil noises dont consist of wind-tunnel testing LOL. I dont really care about the top-end of my car because 99.9% of the time its not gonna be on a track, its gonna be launching from a stop light, and by the time i hit 80mph i'll be at another stop light, so i want to be able to smash that GT from light to light, not match it.
Besides isnt there already a TT Taurus? Does it use the same transmission? That might be why it was designed like that, just for the Taurus with no intention of using TT in a Mustang.
Both Twin Turbos and Superchargers create more peak HP/TQ than anything, traditionally, S/Cs peak much lower than Turbos. From idle to 4500rpm S/Cs have a nice HP curve, Turbos pick up at 3500 all the way to the engines ceiling. When MPGs are concerned, as long as you operate a Turbo under the spool, its almost like driving a regular V8 (what some people call turbo lag) and fuel mileage will reflect that kind of driving. S/Cs are constantly pulling, even at idle.. This is also why S/Cs become heat soaked quickly and lose power after extended use. For drag racing, a cool down is required between races to maximize power.

In 3-4 years, I'm not sure either of these cars will be labeled "Muscle Cars" or "Pony Cars". The term "Sports Coupe" is known the world over and if either of these companies intend on selling a performance vehicle in other parts of the world.. They will ditch that stereotype..

The SHO Taurus Twin Turbo 3.5l V6 has nothing in common with the 5.0 V8. Seeing a Twin Turbo on a V6 tells me that a TT version of a I4 and V8 are coming soon. With the 20% better MPG and 15% lower emissions a Single/Twin Turbo produces with Direct Injection makes it an automatic winner... add in the lower weight, better weight distribution at the same cost....

Besides, who wants a 20th Anniversary SVT Cobra that whines when you can give it Turbos and make it hiss?
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