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Here is an article talking about car color and personalities: Link

Here is the "index" of car colors from the above article (with added smilies):

Car Color tells personality
What color car do you drive?

When choosing a car most people pick a certain color, simply because they like it! Our car color also tells us about the person who chose it according to new car psychology from Churchill Motor Insurance. The list below also indicates what color cars are most likely to least likely to have an accident.

1. Black cars denote an aggressive personality or someone who's an outsider or rebel.

2. Silver cars indicate someone who's cool, calm and slightly aloof.

3. Green cars can often be chosen by people with hysterical tendencies.

4. Yellow cars signify someone who is idealistic and novelty loving.

5. Blue cars are chosen by the more introspective, reflective and cautious driver.

6. Gray cars represent those who are calm, sober and dedicated to their work.

7. Red cars denote those who are full of zest, energy and drive and who think, move and talk quickly.

8. Pink cars are chosen by gentle, loving and affectionate drivers.

9. White cars represents status-seeking extrovert drivers.

10. Cream cars are the least likely to be involved in accidents and denote self-contained and controlled owners.:middlefinger:
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