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Originally Posted by overhaulengines View Post
hi, down here in south san antonio us mexicans are usually short n heavy, i have had 2 adults back there. one 5-8 one 5-9, both pushing 240 lbs, i hope that when i have 3 small kids back there and each kid at 100 lbs or less, that it should be a problem on the belt brackets, if it could hold 500 lbs, it should not have a problem with 300 lbs. then again i stuff 3 others in the truck also

Jajajaja, Good one.

On a recent trip to Vegas i had 3 girls in the back seat, my wife and 2 friends, they didn't complained, but this would have come in handy.
I guess not paying for gas or hotel contributed to not complaining.

You know how we Mexicans do.
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