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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
... I decided that some cosmetic mods were first in line. I saw a thread somewhere where someone had cut out the top of the engine cover and put in screen material. I liked it... and thought, I can do that... so. I mapped out the cuts, several times to make sure that I had them even, and then broke out the dremel. It took several tries to determine the best blade to use, but I got there. I cut it all out, short of the lines, and then used a hand file to close in on the lines. Off to hme depot for some screen material, and walahhhh, I had a custom engine cover... hmmm, don't care much for the color... so, off to AutoZone for some paint...

This created a problem, but not much of one. Home Depot carried a line of paints known as duplicolor.... but they didn't have anything to duplicolor RJT... so.. time for the scientific method of paint color selection... don't try this at home....
That engine cover mod turned out sweet! I love the light effect coming from the engine cover. I can't wait to see how this engine project turns out. Great job!!! I wish I lived in Texas. The laws in California regarding mods just got nastier Jan 1st 2011. Some of our California brethren are going to get a rude awakening by the LEOS in this state as they have been even more empowered to cite for modded engines and exhaust.

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