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Originally Posted by OldJedi View Post
OK Fbodfather/Scotty has me thinking that the new HPE Camaro will NOT be named Z28 afterall. I think that this would be a mistake but GM has never listened to me in the past and I do not think that they will listen to me now. From all of the spy photos and leaked information that has been posted on this car, it will be a totally awesome car that could easily live up to the name Z28 and what it represents. I mean really: 556+HP S/C engine. 6 piston Brembo brakes with massive rotors, lowered suspension with Magnetic Ride, 285/330 tires, HUD, Hurst short throw shifter, beefed up IRS, louder tuned exhaust and award winning good looks!! It sounds like a Z28 to me.

That being said, whatever Chevy decides to call the HPE Camaro will be fine with me. I have my preference for Z28 because I always wanted one but a different name will not change my desire to own this car. My deposit has been with my dealer for many months now anticipating this car whatever it is going to be called. Chevy is building this car with all of the good things I would build it with if I could just pull the items off of the shelf and put them on the assembly line. The car will be beautiful as much as it will be brutal and a pure delight to drive, no matter what its name will be. Thank you Team Camaro for doing a wonderful job, I know the car will be great.
Your thoughts are sound Jedi, reading inbetween the lines of what has been said by those in the know leads me to come to the same conclusion. I am right there with you! It's hopefully just the ala cart option for this current body style that I have been hoping for, the HP upgrade with the associated performance package(s).
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