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upate on my trans : the local dealership i took car in oct after dissmantleing entire trans told me it was shifter and not the trans, they refused to re assemble trans unless i paid for it, i called gm 1000x and argued with them, they told me im on my own and the dealer flagged car in computer so no warranty anymore. they had car for 8 weeks or so, charged me 600 for storage, gave me all the pieces in a box and it cost me 175 for a tow and then 500 to ship car across the state to have trans put back together. the found 2 bad gears and syncros ground over. i bought car used w/ 3100 miles from a dealer that way.... nobody wanted to cover anything after i spent 5500 just for rockland to put everything back together and new clutch ect... all and all im almost 7500 out of pocket and wont get car till next week, i think its bs for gm to screw over customers like this, im submitting all the recipts to my lawyer and we will see.....the kicker is it was in the dealer for other warranty issues that they didnt even bother doing, i simply told them about the grinding, they removed trans on there own, never gave permission to and also....what is the first thing you do to pull trans out of this car???? 1st thing is the shifter, so if you saw an aftermarket shifter that you woulnt warranty ( if it was the prob which it wasnt) doesnt that warrent a phone call explaining that it may not be covered befor you dissassemble the whole thing??????????? this is how i got car back plus a shit ton of dings/dents and scratches. all the gears and everything thrown in a bin and everything else tossed inside the car..... someone please tell me how to post a pic and ill show ya
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