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Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
hahaha.. well.. kellie is a bit of lush when it comes to performance parts.. you can tell her i said that...
she wants a new setup every time she sees one on a car... I cant wait to see her smoke your butt at the track though Hose.

Awesome build thread Robert... I started one in a word doc a year ago... as you can see I havent posted yet.... I keep saying after the next mod I will rewrite and post it up.

soooo... a blower... a blown motor... a 427 lsx... fuel... suspension.. axels.. and still no thread... MAYBE after meth injection, pulley swap and bigger wastegate will force to publish. OR as soon as I make a decent 1/4 mile run.

speaking of axels... not sure if you made a decision yet. I am happy with the Hendrix 1400hp and cost.

GOOD LUCK SON... cannot wait to see you when you get back and bring the twins home... wrapped in a pink blanket.
And that is where ur wrong pal.... Raced her last weekend in jade bone stock and beat her!!!!!!
Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post

I'd bet $100 that you smile like that all the time, even in your sleep... and you don't snore when you sleep, you giggle.

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