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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Well, if you read this far, you know the beginning, now on to the rest of the story....

I've been wanting for a long time to do some mods in the performance category, but I waited until the time was right for us, My wife, me and Brandi.

The areas of question were in the Huffer vs the Turbo, and then Kyle Gilmour threw a wrench in my works by tossing the centrifugal supercharger in the mix. I read all I could find, and asked lots of questions. I love the look of a polished Maggie sitting on top of the motor. but... I saw a Camaro and a Mustang with Kenne Bell's, mehhhh, nice but didn't work for me... I had this vision of a turbo, but didn't want this monstrosity sitting under the hood with a plumbers nightmare of tubing.... so, whatthe heck... Ok, lets do this backwards...find a builder, and get some serious recommendations.

I talked to everyone in the area, other than builders. I told all who would listen I would pretty much go anywhere for the right builder. One name kept popping up, but no, it's not a big name shop... I've never heard of him... and then my brother starts talking about a neighbor of his. This guy has a Vette that is crazy bad. My brother calls him Corvette Charlie... Every time Chevy came out with a factory Vette with more HP, CC had to run back to this shop and demand more power... He finally got the the point that shop owner said no..."I will not build more power until you let me get into the block and build it to sustain the power..."

That spoke huge volumes to me... A shop that could easily make money and sit back on the "I told you so" excuse, but no, he would not take money even though CC wanted to spend it...

Why, as it was told to me is I do not build trailer queens, and I do not want your car or any others I build trailered in due to poor build effort.

I think I had found a place I wanted to deal with... and the bonus was that this was to be his first 2010 Camaro "big" build, and he is excited about it..

Corey has been building Corvettes for years and is considered a top notch LS motor guy by the people that know him...

I walked in for the first time to actually meet Corey, and we hit if off right away. We talked about my desires and he talked about reality... yeah I had the big eyes... by this time, I had pretty much decided I wanted a twin turbo kit, and I had more or less made up in my mind which kit I wanted... He wasn't too keen on the idea at first, as he hadn't seen much he was impressed with thus far... I told him of the two kits I had narrowed it down to and let him decide if either of them were worthwhile looking.

Like me, he was blown away by the TTI/Granatelli Twins kit. He looked at the other kit as well, but kept going back to TTI/G.

This is where it got interesting, he started going off on ideas... the ultimate sleeper, custom this, custom that, down the road, etc... I think for a little while, he was more excited than I was...Not...

We spent the next month and a half planning and discussing this build. At first, we were going to sleeve my LS-3 and then it was decided to go with an LS-2 427, and now it's still in the air. I met with him yesterday, and set up a drop off appointment. He is ordering the parts, and the availability of the machine shop will determine the final block configuration.

So... we are building a complete short block, all forged rotating internals, crank, rods, and pistons. He has selected a Cam, valves, lifters etc.... There are quite a few pages of parts. The heads will be completely worked, with new valves, springs etc, the block will be studded. The fuel system will be completely redone with a dual fuel pump system, and there is a 3" inch exhaust system from the Turbo's out the back.

I am ordering the axles and he will order the clutch... All of this is in preparation for the install and boost cranking of the TTI/Granatelli Twin Turbo Kit.

We are going to order thekit with 10 lb waste gate springs, since we can as much as double the boost with an e-controller. Rather than limiting ourselves with a 7 lb spring set up to 14 lbs max boost, we will start with 10 lb springs and be able to double it to 20 if things ever progress to that point...

Corey is figuring we can go to around 13 or 14 lbs of boost before we start running out of fuel.... Time will tell...

Out initial goal is for about 750 to 800 at the wheels, but those are just numbers,,, the proof is in the pudding and in the trap times and speeds...

Corey did describe to me 800 RWHP in this car is going to be really wild... He said, it will eithe go like hell, or go into the ditch at a hundred miles an hour, backwards... like, instantly... hmmm,

Any driving instructors out there for hire.... I may need a little help...

The Shop, is Henderson Performance in New Braunfels Texas.
The blockis being prepped and built by ERL,
The Twins are from TTI Granatelli
Exhaust from Magna Flow,
Axles still up in the air...
Clutch, up in the air...

More to follow...

Thanks Again to all who have stopped in....
Very nice Robert. I look forward to seeing he finished product! Good luck on your build sir.
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