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What an awesome thread this is turning out to be.

You know...I enjoy reading builds, but the "stuff in between" is really rather Pink Pig...and the rest is history...

Man, you have some great stories and I truly love hearing them.

Everyone out there...

This person right here, Robert, is one of those that you just need to know. He IS good people (my friend laughs at me when I say that...what is good PEOPLE...good persON, You are a great person, Robert and I can't wait to see what this build holds for you. So far, it should like Brandi is going to be a TOTAL beast! I can't wait to hear that WOOSH!!!!!!!!

But let's not forget about those brakes, man! We need to keep you around! Corey knew what he was talking about when he said something about that ditch. Stopping power...just smoething to think about .

Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Awesome R !

Glad you finally broke down and decided to do a build thread. But one request - no PINK parts under the hood...but you may have a certain mod on here add

Can't wait to see the car as the 'twins' progress on Brandi

Post 'em as yo get 'em.

Boy, oh boy I can not WAIT to see your car, Bruce.... Pink, eh??...hrmmmm
Originally Posted by racer778 View Post
Robert, glad you decided to start a BUILD thread. I havent as of yet but have so many mods now it would go on forever
It was a pleasure helping you with one of your mods, and thank the misses again for dinner(you don't mention her name in your threads so I won't). Satch of course is always a character, great personality and BIG heart. He gets it from his owners. If you have not met Robert and his wife, they are two of the most considerate, kind, passionate and generous people you would ever meet. I met Robert at a car show awhile ago and he invited me to his house that day after only 2 hours of conversation. Anyway this is about his BUILD thread but I wanted everyone to know a little about Robert and his family. KEEP THE UPDATES COMING!!!
See, folks...exactly!
Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Brandi is spending her last night in the garage prior to going to the hospital (shop) in the morning...

I've been talking to a vendor about some suspension parts to tighten up the Brandi's buttocks so this power will not be wasted in spinning tires and making smoke, though she loves to make smoke when the oppurtunity arises.... When a deal is struck, I'll post up the information. I want Brandi to have solid footing, but at the same time, I don't want to transmit the noise of every bug laying on the road, or every pebble I run over....

Pink Pig is going along with Brandi while she is in the hospital. Ohhhhh the trauma... :(

The engine cover and the Roto-Fab radiator cover will come off in the morning. Those pieces will recieve a face lift and be ready for when Brandi arrives back home; after I finish Dougs stuff...and Kyles stuff...

As for the Roto-Fab itself, it's been sold more or less in a pay it forward deal to a good friend in the North East... He is going to install it in his dads car... He is going to pay enough to cover a pint of paint cost for some of the other covers and things I am working on for other people. I wont mention his name right now since I'm not sure he has told his dad he is getting a Roto-Fab Intake... but I know his dad will be happy with it, I sure have been... The TTI/Granatelli comes with it's own air intake system... My new intake system will blow rather than suck...

Pay it Forward...

Yes I know it's quite dirty under the hood right now, we had lots of rain the other day but I wanted to get to San Antonio and deliver Dougs Roto-Fab housing and install that and his Radiator cover... Mission Accomplished...but it's been way to cold for this South Texas boy to get out and wash her... Maybe on the way to the hospital I'll drive through a touchless car wash... I know, sacreligious, but hey...

THANK YOU!!!! I can't wait to show it to everyone, btw. TOO cool.... You know, something like that just needs to be shared. It would look great on my wall. But, to share it with others....
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Originally Posted by Orange Krate View Post

Thanks, it was a learning process, and I've refined it quite a bit since then... Wait until you see Tags' cover... few eyes have fallen upon that one yet... Should have it painted in the next couple of days... Depending on when I get back from the shop tomorrow, I may try to finish the last bit of sanding and throw some color on it... if the color settles well, then I'll go ahead and clear it and be ready to put the finishing touches in it...

is it time yet? Is it time yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? laugh:
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